Monday, May 28, 2012

Dogs-A natural remedy for hypertension, depression and anxiety.

Surprised with the topic, well you must be, but its true. You come to home from a busy schedule and a very hectic day at your office and as soon as you open the door,your dog welcomes you with all the love n passion he stored for the whole day, just to shower at you once you come back to him.
He barks in excitement, wags his tail, goes almost mad to see you back home n definitely a gesture so genuine and so true brings happiness all around. He makes you smile,he makes you forget whatever bad you brought home with you, even the scientist say that living with dogs for little time helps releasing "FEEL GOOD" hormones which helps deal with depression and anxiety which affects the people mostly, following a modern lifestyle.

So keeping a dog in home should not be considered a headache and unnecessary burdon rather they help you  live a life you deserve in a so called developed but a ruined and a diseased lifestyle.